An introduction to the Berg River Cape Camino

A Camino is an ongoing walking route providing a space for long distance walkers to introspect on their lives or to get fit or to meet people or simply to enjoy the country side. It is a very personal experience.

The concept provides many creative opportunities to the region. Not only those with existing tourist establishments, but to others who think creatively about what they could offer a gentle stream of walkers, usually ones or twos, passing them by.
The theory is to keep revenue in the community. So landowners can offer camping sites, guides, refreshments, transport, packages and many other products and services.
Camino SA has been contracted to facilitate the BergRivier Camino down the Berg River. The first phase is consultation.
Download the Vision Document here for more information. Based on feedback from the community a more inclusive document will be developed.
Agritourism has produced a short video to provide a better understanding of the concept pertaining to the Bergrivier Camino.
Comments can also be made via the Bergrivier Consultation Phase Facebook page or visit their website at