Do you have CHANGE4TWENTY?

The Franschhoek Hospitality Academy and Learning Centre is set to open in January 2018 to serve the youth in our surrounding disadvantaged communities, by bringing light and a hopeful future to those who need it most. How do we do this?

To pilot this project, we will be offering 20 students access to further their education and gain the necessary skills to succeed in the Hospitality industry, at little to no cost to them. From Franschhoek and for Franschhoek, we would like to ensure that employment is achieved at the end of the 1 year program and that we are changing the lives of Youth in Franschhoek.

While we were eager to open our doors in June, the funding needed to sustain ourselves for at least 6 months has been a challenge to raise, which is why we have extended this deadline to January. This is also in line with when Matriculants complete their year and bridges a gap between High School and finding employment.

We have been lucky enough to receive the support from our local Ambassadors, Reuben Riffel, Margot Janse, Matthew Gordon and Chris Erasmus who have been instrumental in guiding us and have opened their hearts and doors to our students, providing mentorship and skills development, during their studies next year.

Brian Moore, Matthew Gordon, Tarryn Corlett (Founder), Michaela Julian (Founder) and Reuben Riffel

Tarryn Corlett (Founder), Margot Janse (Ambassador) and Michaela Julian (Founder)

Michaela Julian (Founder) and Ambassador Chris Erasmus from Foliage

We are also excited to announce that there will be an exciting, “never been done before in Franschhoek” event on the 17th October 2018, involving, Reuben, Margot and Matthew. This exclusive event is one not to miss and there will be limited seats available! Follow us on Facebook or our website to make sure you don't miss the launch of this exciting event that will take you into a sensory overload. FB: @FranschhoekHospitality; Website:

If you would like to sponsor a student, support the school by providing meals and stationary, donate or offer your time and skills, please connect with us and help us change the lives of these 20 students, who have the potential to achieve greatness.

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