Franschhoek Farm Worker of the Year Award 2013

The 4th annual Franschhoek Farm Worker of the Year prize-giving was held at the Oesfees at Solms Delta in Franschhoek on 23 March 2013. Since its inception the award has gained great momentum, with an enthusiastic crowd cheering as the finalists mounted the stage and the winner was announced.
Franschhoek Wine Valley, along with its wine members, initiated this award in 2010, giving recognition to their farm workers, all of whom have dedicated many years to this very successful wine producing area.
The Oesfees is not only an opportunity to celebrate the harvest of that particular year, but it is also the perfect platform from which to give vineyard workers recognition. Through this award the aim is to create role models amongst the farm communities and to enhance and promote the acquisition of vineyard skills.
Eleven candidates were nominated by the individual farms and were interviewed by an independent panel of judges. The criteria for assessment were dedication, knowledge, community involvement, responsibility and interpersonal skills. Although the final decision was difficult, Cornel Paulse from Glenwood proudly walked away with the trophy.
Cornel has been described as demonstrating great strengths in his professionalism, reliability, attention to detail and his ability to supervise his team and deliver a quality product within the agreed time. He is one of the friendliest, most courteous, positive and eager workers the panel of judges interviewed.
In addition to his dedication to his work, he is also very much involved in his community and church. He has a deep passion for youth development on all levels. Since starting at Glenwood he has equipped himself with knowledge of the vineyard processes and the general operations of the farm. His versatility as handy man, supervisor of 22 people and knowledge of farm activities such as spraying, irrigation, afforded him the much deserved title of Farmworker of the Year for 2013. Cornel Paulse is indeed a role model for many young people.
His fellow nominees, all of whom won a training course, were: Alfred James (Rupert & Rothchild), Donavan Krediet (Rupert & Rothchild), Saul Williams (Mont Rochelle), Clive Cupido (Mont Rochelle), Danie Cupido (Mont Rochelle), Denise Mapeto (Antonij Rupert Wines), Ivan Sauls (Noble Hill), Sabata Ndabeni (La Bri), Debra Paulse (Haute Cabriere) and Johan O’Ryan (Solms-Delta).
Franschhoek Wine Valley thanks Landau Du Val for their valued contribution and the Oesfees organisers for their support.

Back from left: Denise Mapeto (Antonij Rupert), Debra Paulse (Haute Cabriere), Johan O’Ryan (Solms-Delta), Ivan Sauls (Noble Hill), Alfred James (Rupert & Rothschild), Donavan Krediet (Rupert & Rothschild). Front from left: Danie Cupido (Mont Rochelle), Cornel Paulse (Glenwood & Winner), Clive Cupido (Mont Rochelle), Saul Williams (Mont Rochelle) and Sabata Ndabeni (La Bri).