Meet Chablis, our wine dog for September!

Meet Chablis, the 10-year-old Golden Retriever from La Chataigne, and our Wine Dog for September. 

Chablis gets her name from the well-known Chardonnay in Burgundy, France, famous for its honey scented flavour and straw colour. Her owners Richard and Julie Parkfelt brought her to the farm as a puppy where she soon became a special addition to the family with her warm and loving nature. The family owned quite a few Retrievers before Chablis, as they are a breed known to be reliably kind, gentle and the perfect family dogs.

On the farm Chablis has many important rolls to fulfill. First and foremost that of First Head of the Welcoming Committee at La Chataigne. Always greeting the guests as they emerge from their cars, in her own language, and often presenting them with her gift of a leaf or stick. To greet her back, you simply have to pat her on the head, say hello, and you are her best friend. 

Secondly, her growing reputation of Professional Model on the farm. Every guest meeting her wants to take a photograph with her, her natural charm and gorgeous looks makes for the perfect Kodak moment.

And finally, her role as a child-minder. With her gentle nature and big heart, she is very popular with the little visitors to La Chataigne. She usually spends just enough time in the tasting room to allow the adults to have an undisturbed and peaceful tasting while their children have a playmate. She takes this role very seriously, as this is her favourite job.

Even though Chablis is 10 years old, just like the wine, she is ageing with finesse.

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