Meet Sasha, our Franschhoek wine dog for May

With winter knocking on our doors we felt it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to Sasha, the friendly furry St Bernard of La Bourgogne, who is also is Franschhoek’s Wine Dog for May. 

Labourgogne’s estate managers, Loesje and Alfredo Kock, fell head over heels in love with Sasha four years ago when they adopted her from a couple who could no longer care for her. According to Loesje six year old Sasha is a big softy whose ‘bark is most certainly bigger than her bite’, and loves nothing more than to welcome guests to the farm with her big slobbery kisses and ‘hugs’ as they enjoy a wine tasting.

Blessed with more than one life, Sasha almost lost her life last year in a freak hit and run accident. Thanks to the speedy reaction of visitors to the farm who witnessed the incident she was able to get the necessary care needed and made a slow but full recovery, and needless to say is back to her old self. Not only has she captured the hearts of Loesje and Alfredo, but she has also crept into the hearts of visitors to the farm, who often email to just find out how Sasha is.

A visit to Labourgogne won’t be the same without a slobbery greeting from Sasha and the other furry friends on the farm.

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