Monneaux Revived

Be sure to make time to visit the reinvented Monneaux Restaurant when next in Franschhoek for an unforgettable culinary experience. Recently appointed visionary chef Calvin Metior has transformed the restaurant’s offering by introducing conscious dining. Situated adjacent to the luxurious five-star Franschhoek Country House & Villas, the restaurant has reconceptualized its dining offering from pass to plate as well as self-sustainable initiatives and a hyper-local focus at every stage of the culinary chain. The concept, which is the brainchild of Calvin, launches 1 November 2019.

Calvin follows a philosophy of “natural minimalism”, whereby he sources the very best produce at their peak. This allows him to showcase the produce in its natural character without an overwhelm of too many ingredients on the plate. Seasonality, comfort and value are priorities when it comes to menu design. He believes that food should be enjoyed throughout – from the way it looks, to the way in which it is enjoyed and how it tastes.

Furthermore, he’s intensely passionate about supporting local producers and artisans, thus keeping the restaurant’s carbon footprint to a minimum, and improving self-sustainability at the restaurant. Micro gardens have been established throughout the property, which will result in the production of a rotating supply of fresh herbs and vegetables.
There are a number of projects underway in the kitchen, which includes making their own miso, hot sauces and fish sauce as well as smoking and curing their own meat. Basically making delicious charcuterie from scratch as well as the dry and wet ageing of fish and meat.
This innovative approach allows Monneaux Restaurant to establish its own true identity, affording guests an authentic culinary experience – from breakfast to dinner.
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