Private SPACE / Public PLACE A Photographic exhibition by Matthew Willman

Private SPACE / Public PLACE
A Photographic exhibition by Matthew Willman
From 11am
The Exhibition will run until 2nd March 2017
I'm sure of Matthew's gift, it's not an issue…he connects with his passion…the rest just follows.”
Annie Lennox, Musician Song writer
Willman has emerged as one of South Africa's leading young independent artists having achieved an extraordinary and diverse collection of photographic works that has found recognition internationally.
  • Willman's work can be loosely defined as fine art documentary photography that includes people, places and artistic dance. All of which explores the 'human condition & ability'.
  • The embodiment of Willman's commitment and diversity within the creative arts finds its origins in dance, having trained professionally for 20 years as an accomplished student of Ballet.
  • This exhibition showcases a new body of work completed in New York in 2016.  Along with a few works from his remarkable Heritage Symbolism Collection 2003 – 2009 and one or two remarkable photographs of Mandela from his ten year commission as photographer to the Nelson Mandela Foundation and with Mr Mandela himself. In this period he embarked to archive and document the life and times of Nelson Mandela, which over the years afforded many incredibly intimate experiences with the great man.
  • Perhaps one of Willman's greatest achievements and one that plays a significant role in contributing to the recording and preservation of South Africa's democratic change. 
  • Willman’s commitment to his art and his country saw him transcend divides in order to discover and document in intimate detail the people and places of South Africa’s collective story. His images are a testimony to his courage and journey that today have been recognised by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the late Nelson Mandela as set pieces of iconic history in South Africa.


  • Private Space / Public Place is a unique and exquisite depiction of dance. Raw talent set in highly recognisable everyday urban scenes.  The tension created by this contrast produces an unnerving but exhilarating energy.  
  • Each work has a new and altered surprise element. One can hardly believe the situation of the dancer in their surrounds, or the angle of the dancer’s leg or even in one incredible work to the actual presence of a dancer at all where our initial attention is drawn to the gravitas of the architecture and only on a second reflection does the dancer become apparent.
  • Willman is an artist unconcerned with boundaries. His photographic works are the direct product of an intense and often challenging journey to find understanding, expression and learning.
  • Willman has the pleasure of working with individuals from a cross section of our global community with Commissions that include: US Presidents Bill Clinton & Jimmy Carter, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, The Nelson Mandela Foundation, The World Health Organisation, Oxfam International and singer/song writer Annie Lennox. His repertoire include 12 Presidents, 8 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and a host of sports personalities, musicians, politicians and philanthropists. 
“Matthew is a remarkably talented young man and I am thrilled to see the quality of the work he is producing. We have been enriched by many cultures, languages and faiths, it is a heritage in South Africa to be shared, experienced and celebrated as is the diversity of our landscapes, our wildlife, our villages and towns. Thank you Matthew for mediating these to us through your camera.”
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

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