Reuben Riffel stars in MasterChef SA Season 3

Cook Franschhoek Reuben Riffel_smallMasterChef SA Season 3 has extra special meaning for Franschhoek in that it stars one of its own, none other than chef Reuben Riffel. A celebrity chef in his own right Reuben is recognised throughout the world and has cooked alongside the likes of other well-known foodies such as Martha Stewart. Growing up Reuben spent a great deal of time surrounded by food, and experienced first hand how it brings people together. Today his food still brings people together, and it is in this unpretentious manner that he has become a household name, and will probably be one of the favourites amongst the MasterChef contestants.
We are so proud of him and wish him all the best of this exciting adventure.
MasterChef SA airs every Thursday at 7:30pm on MNet