Savour Special Moments…

The Franschhoek Valley – first settled by French Huguenot refugees in 1688 – mixes magical ingredients to create unforgettable experiences.
When it comes to accommodation in Franschhoek the options are endless, with accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. Decide between classic auberges, boutique hotels, lavish country lodges, cosy B&Bs, pleasant guesthouses or comfortable self-catering cottages.
Franschhoek is the gourmet capital of South Africa. Franschhoek restaurants will treat you to cuisine that is delectably indulgent, ranging from gourmet to rustic with something to please every palate.
Franschhoek’s wine estates encircle the village. On these award-winning wine estates acclaimed winemakers create glorious wines. Tantalise your taste buds with wine tastings overlooking the vineyards where the grapes were harvested … each one an exceptional experience heightened by the beauty of its setting in this the most beautiful wine valley in the world. So beautiful in fact that getting married in Franschhoek is extremely popular with couples from all over the world.
If you want to know what to do in Franschhoek spending a day wandering along the tree-lined streets is the perfect way to start. The main street is the heart of this vibrant village, lined with shops and specialist stores it is always buzzing. Visit all the Franschhoek arts and crafts studios and galleries – you are bound to find that something special you weren’t even looking for! Even better, visit on one of the fun-filled days when one of the numerous Franschhoek festivals is on.
Then, of course, there is the great outdoors. The Franschhoek Valley and the adjacent Dwars River Valley offers energetic hiking, walking, cycling, horse-riding, fly fishing and golf. There is even something for those looking for an activity with a kick: adrenaline junkies can paraglide to the perfect aerial view of the village.
Come and be part of the many-splendoured tapestry that is Franschhoek.