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  1. Franschhoek Spotlight – Boekenhoutskloof Winery

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    The iconic and award-winning wine farm Boekenhoutskloof was established in 1776. Located in the furthest corner of the beautiful Franschhoek Valley, the farm’s name means “ravine of the Boekenhout” (pronounced Book-n-Howed). Boekenhout is an indigenous Cape Beech tree greatly prized for furniture making.

    In 1993 the farm and homestead was bought and restored and a new vineyard planting programme was established that now includes Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Grenache, Semillon and Viognier. This also includes the farm’s four popular brands: Boekenhoutskloof, The Chocolate Block, Porcupine Ridge and The Wolftrap.

    This svelte lady, the farm’s logo, is the figurehead of Boekenhoutskloof. She is an adaptation of an early silver hallmark of the Cape of Good Hope and she carries the dove of peace and hope. Guarding over Boekenhoutskloof, she represents intrinsic quality, which the company prizes above all else.

    Marc Kent, part owner and Managing Director at the farm, is the driving force behind this dynamic farm, which has established itself in the industry as continually raising the bar. A maverick spirit, Marc is unafraid to experiment with the unconventional, but his principal commitment is to quality on every level and in every detail.

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