Tell us why you love Franschhoek and win with Penchant Design

There are many ways to say “I love you!”,
some people say it with beautiful words and clever poems,
others can sketch and paint.
Some of us are good at spoiling our loved ones with moonlight picnics and fancy food

But we think there is no better way than saying I love you
with this special gift from Penchant Design worth R 2500…

a romantic rose gold and silver daisy ring,
topped with a stunning red ruby

designed and made by hand especially to give away here,
courtesy of Penchant Design in Franschhoek

To stand a chance of winning this beautiful ring,
simply comment on the post below
by telling us why you love Franschhoek!
Use a poem, a picture or just your own words
and stand a chance of winning!

Entries close on Wednesday 5 March 2014

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Terms and conditions:
Entries close on Wednesday, 5 March 2014 at 12h00.
Winners announced Wednesday, 5 March 2014 at 14h00.
Entrants should be older than 18 years.
The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence may be entered into.
Prizes are not transferable and may not be redeemed for cash.

46 thoughts on “Tell us why you love Franschhoek and win with Penchant Design”

  1. Big skies and mountains, soft summer breeze
    Beautiful bistros with fare sure to please
    Clothing and jewels and baubles galore
    And more, oh yes definitely so, so much more
    Dozens of vineyards and gourmet estates
    Crystal and silver and fine china plates
    Red white and rose and stunning champagne
    Fantastically priced and too good to abstain
    Wonderful welcomes and loveliest smiles
    Right through the town it goes on for miles
    I came and I loved with my very first look
    I talk of the striking, exquisite Franschhoek

    • Where does one start with the reasons for loving Franschhoek…the quaint little town has the attraction that can only be compared to bees to honey. Even though it is a small town, it has so much to offer – the beauty of the valley is extraordinary – and if you have had the pleasure of staying in Franschhoek for a weekend or more it is awfully difficult to pack up and leave. The morning market on a Saturday is a definite “do” for me and my family – come rain or come shine – you will not be sorry as it offers a variety of natural products, delicious food and beautiful jewellery pieces and artwork. Then if you feel like you have over-indulged (its easy to do that at the market 🙂 then a leisurely stroll down the main road will be just the exercise you need as it offers the best of both worlds…exercise and retail therapy 🙂 I often find just the right piece of jewellery or gift on that outing. Do we have a limit on how many words we can use in this exercise? I might have to start another page…but to avoid that…let me say in conclusion that Franschhoek is one of my favourite destinations…and even though i only stay a stone-throw away in Cape Town, I call it a destination because it feels like I have left the city and travelled to a lovely French countryside town. I LOVE FRANSCHHOEK <3

  2. Franschhoek is the epitomy of love, I fell in love with it the first time I visited, so much so that I moved here permanantly from the UK 10 years ago! I love the pretty village, I love the choice of restauarnts, I love the ecclectic boutiques, I love the homely B&B’s and luxurious hotels, I love the views from the mountains, I love to lie under the stars at night, I love the reaction I get when I tell people Franschhoek is my home, I love going to weddings there and witnessing people in love starting their married life there together, but most of all I love the feeling of going home there and feeling the pressures of the day just lift from my shoulders, its a magical, beautiful place…

  3. Franschhoek is the food and wine heartland of the country – such beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere – one of the most beautiful places I have been to 🙂

  4. Romance is epitomised by atmosphere, gourmet food and wine – and this is all encapsulated in what Franschhoek is (and I love romance, as well as atmosphere, gourmet food and wine, no matter the occasion).

  5. Why?
    For the world is both big and small,
    And miracles comes in all the shapes,
    As my love being the biggest of them all,
    And what is more romantic,
    Wondering the streets of Franschoek,
    With the only one meant for you,
    Satisfy the Soul and Body,
    Both the inner and outer,
    And sealed by a Kiss,
    For ever yours.

  6. Je t’aime Franschhoek, my getaway from the hectic city life and work where I can relax with friendly people, fabulous food, exquisite wines and unbeatable beautiful scenery. the beauty, taste sensations, authenticity recharges my batteries all year round. Thanks for being there!

  7. My partner is French and when he is feeling homesick I bring him out to Franschhoek and he is instantly cheered up by the delicious cheese and wine and stunning views

  8. The reason why I love Franschhoek, is that it is a place where people still cares for each other and although it is evolving with new restaurants,B&B,etc. – the spirit remains the same.

  9. I Love Franschhoek, it is beautiful at all times of the year, in every climate. The restaurants are fantastic and the people very friendly.
    we celebrated my husband’s 50th birthday there during the Bastille festival and every guest raved about the awesome experience.
    We return every year and always hate to leave!

  10. franshhoek with your friendly people and good wine,
    wonder sometimes why we not travel,
    as we will miss out the view,
    and not seeing the beauty ,
    as we sit at home and getting old and waste time for meeting you valentine !

  11. No place on earth signifies love as beautifully as the Franschoek Valley… purple mountains, green vineyards and the crisp smell of morning…

  12. It is one of the most romantic places ever. It is alsovery picturesque, flamboyant and arty. I met my partner there on one of your beautiful festivals.

  13. Franschhoek,
    Blooming under African skies,
    There my heart forever lies.
    Let the world carry on without us,
    Let your vineyards fortify us.
    In your valley, there’ll be love.
    Adapted from the chorus of ‘Brigadoon’.

  14. Franschhoek makes my heart sing. I once flew into CT by helicopter and we swooped over the valley and as truly breathtaking as it is from the air, nothing beats the vibe of the place. I have lived all over the world and this is a little corner of romantic, serendipitous magic. Sublimely cool, from it’s restaurants, art galleries and incredible champers festival – to the beautiful contemporary traditional mix found on the wine farms – a feeling of utter joy, peace and serenity. One never wants to leave. Truly international standards all the way through – I absolutely love it.
    PS how do I include a photo here?

  15. Franschhoek is one of the most beautiful little towns in South Africa, if not the world 🙂
    The village has such a vast array of people, that it makes it such an interesting and diverse place to visit.
    Stunning mountain views and farmlands make me come back year round and cannot keep me away!
    The wine fetivals, delicious restaurants and stunning gift & jewellery shops in the valley are just unbelievable!!

  16. My Love Poem to Franshoek.
    Franshoek Oh Franshoek…
    Your grapes so red, the green colour of the vine
    At night when I sleep I dream about your wine.
    The moments we have shared on the farms all around,
    Cannot be mistaken for just a trip on the “town”
    I will visit and take in your rich history , and maybe take in a glass or two of amazing bubbly.
    One day my dear Franshoek I will see you soon again, a visit a walk and a wine on the train.

  17. ♥ How to explain to someone the beauty of Franschhoek?
    So much can be found in this cute little nook…
    Mountain vistas and golden sunsets, priceless to behold
    First class nibbles and sipping Champagne, your lover will be bowled!
    From intimate dinners to picnics under the stars
    To heavenly wines and vintage cars,
    If you have a Penchant for beautiful things,
    Then a visit to Franschhoek real pleasure brings
    Little French Corner has something for everyone,
    So do come find love, in our beautiful little town ♥

  18. What is there NOT to love about Franschhoek…. Love must be felt with the heart, seen with the eyes, tasted with the tongue……. I love Franschhoek for allowing me to experience ALL these loves………

  19. Franschoek is an amazing little town with so much to offer… the Bastille festival is an amazing experience every year, the Champagne festival and this last weekend’s Summer Wine festival to name a few! Sunday outing to get away from the familiar and explore the tastes of Franschoek. Taking tourists out for a day… Franschoek always springs to mind… simply never lets you down.

  20. The most atmosphere full village in SA. with very good restaurants and beautiful countryside.
    From Holland, we will be there again within two weeks.
    Ruud Smit

  21. I love Franschhoek, because there is great scenery, great mountains for hiking, great accomodations, great food and great wines!

  22. I love Franschhoek because it has that special chutzpah: the dare if you may attitude that shouts out to the world to sit up and take note! Franschhoek oozes joie de vivre, bubbles with classy elegance and sheer delight in all its experiences: Franschhoek is an unrivalled total extravaganza and Penchant Design Jewellers bears tribute to this beautifully!

  23. I love Franschhoek because the memories are etched in my mind forever! They have a secret, special space and they cannot be re-lived, but new ones can be created each time I visit.
    (My late brother was a winemaker there – he was living in Franschhoek at the time that he passed away, almost 14 years ago, aged 27). Whilst he lived there, in the time of the smaller village, we had the most magical time – we called his place ‘the country house’ and my place in Cape Town ‘the city house’ and we’d lie down by the river and forget about life’s stresses, or he’d include me in the special ‘chef and winemaker’ dinners in the days he and Peter Goffe-Wood – now a MasterChef judge – would have their turn to host.)

  24. Some of the reasons I love Franschhoek:
    F is for Franschhoek Cellars
    R is for Reuben’s
    A is for Allee Bleue
    N is for Noble Hill
    S is for Solms-Delta
    C is for Chamonix
    H is for Haute Cabriere
    H is for Huguenot Fine Chocolates
    O is for On and Off the tram
    E is for Eikehof
    K is for kicking it back with a glass of wine…

  25. I love being a tourist in my own City/Province whenever I visit Franschhoek I certainly feel like I am somewhere else in the world because of its diversity and appeal for people of all ages, all tastes, and all budgets. It’s a destination for exploring and enjoying, whether it’s just a visit to the car museum or one of the many Wine and Champagne festivals, or just a visit to one of the many wine farms. I love having a luncheon with friends at many of the quaint restaurants with the mountain and scenic backdrop as my view.
    The town is clean and beautiful and the people are warm and friendly. I am certainly not done with Franschhoek and make it a mission to visit as often as possible. I always recommend it to visitors from abroad and other locals from the city. I have yet to try out the tram. I have only wonderful things to say about this little piece of heaven nestled in the mountains.

  26. I absolutely love Franschhoek because this is the place where I met & fell in love with the man of my dreams…
    Not only is this scenic town filled with top class restaurants and wineries with the most delicious dishes and award winning wines, it is a town that has so much history. Just to mention one of the events…the town relives the history of the Bastille Festival every year, an event that we will never miss. Also,the friendly ambience is very hard to miss whenever you arrive in this beautiful little town. I will always have a special place in my heart for Franschhoek and will continue to recommend it as a MUST SEE destination to friends, family and coleagues.

  27. <3 <3 on this day of love and happiness I stop to think of the most prettiest and lovely wine routes in the entire SA. LOVE Bastille Fest, Love MCC event, LOVE the Car Museum, LOve the chocolate shops, love the TRAM, love the Elephant. LOVE LOVE and INLOVE with the special place! = ) Happy vday to all!

  28. My taal is Afrikaans, my land is Afrika. My liefde is my familie. Ons kuier in die Kaap, in die mooiste Franse vallei in Afrika.

  29. my 1st visit was this years Summer Wine test , from the gorgeous scenery , hospitality and ofcoz amazing wines.
    The place is amazing
    Thank you


  31. Franschoek……… of dreams, get-away,contentment,magical……………with my Husband or my best Friends, always brings a wonderful feeling of peace in body &mind …………like coming home ……………

  32. The thought of going to Franschhoek makes me happy, and when I get there I feel 10 years younger so I stay happy.

  33. There’s an African valley called Franschhoek,
    Right out of a postcard or picture book;
    It’s the place of The Vines –
    Oui, the wines are sublime –
    But it’s the people who make it such a magic nook.

  34. This is one of the most beautiful places in South Africa…when I take a private step into this town I feel like I have left South Africa…I actually imagine what is must be like to be a tourist in a foreign country. The place, the people, the food, the wineries, the chocolates, the views from the top of the pass….there is nothing like this….From a guides point of view, I absolutely love showing off this amazing town, I build up peoples expectations so much and they have never been disappointed…sometimes it is the food, sometimes it is the owls in the Church’s trees, sometimes its the view from the pass, sometimes its the monument, sometimes its with wines and sometimes it is just EVERYTHING, or maybe its just me they like LOL….but seriously its just a place that I love to show off to our international guests and a town that I feel so lost in another time and place!

  35. 2011 – – we had just moved to Cape Town (refugees from the Eastern Cape) and wanted to experience the literary festival in Franschoek. We parked our car near the Ouetehuis and were immediately taken in by the residents for tea. We stayed for lunch, I had curry and rice. I bought the best knitted scarf in the world, with lots of colours, for a song. I think of those hands that made it and wonder which of the gentle ‘tannies’ had created it. After the thrill of listening to sharp minds making sushi with the written word it was time to take a contemplative walk through the cemetery. A hot and spiritual place with dusty pathways lined with cypress trees and historic headstones.
    Franschoek is a place of memory, mindfulness and meaning, I can’t wait to get back.

  36. Franshoek!
    Valley of refreshing, mountains of grandeur and beauty! Peach pastel sunrise painted pallets of orange yellow sunset.A feeling of well being, steeped in history and culture rooted under cool ancient trees.Vines of many cultures travelled from far away lands, their own personalities blended on the mountain slopes making your face shine and smile! An escape from stress, bustle, traffic and town where your body and soul can unwind.
    In such a place love can express its celebration! For me it was a new marriage a second chance. Franshoek wooed us with sunshine and laughter, mellowed golden Chardonay, petulant pink Rose’ serious deep red Pinotage joined in the dancing and laughter the memories linger on!
    A valley of green golden hue, made for the Gods but…please let me in too!
    I taste life from the vines graced by the sun, bursting with full flavor, spice and fun!
    My heart is like the clear brilliant starred night and I breathe in the air of the earthly delight!
    I am lifted by love with my new found wife flying in spirit my heart in full flight!
    She is as the mountains so pretty and bright and I am held captive as I take in the sight!
    So awesome a valley oh Franshoek you are, thank you for memories that we will close hold.

  37. Why I love Franschhoek
    I have a penchant for Franschhoek
    It’s one of God’s perfect designs
    He poured out His heart when He made it
    Used the richest of palettes; took time.
    The result is a valley so pretty
    That it speaks to the soul and the mind
    It reflects the splendour of history
    While offering all that’s refined.
    For not only the scenery is dazzling
    The town sparkles and hums all the time:
    There is food, fine crafts, and there’s culture
    An abundance of chocolate and wine.
    It’s sixteen years to the month since we honeymooned there
    In a room with a beautiful view
    This is the playground of Cupid
    Romance, on a platter for two!
    I have a penchant for Franschhoek
    The place has crept into my heart
    I doubt there’s a place more beautiful
    Than this wonder of natural art.

    • It is our pleasure to inform you that you have been chosen as the winner in our competition! Congrats! You have won the romantic rose gold and silver daisy ring, topped with a stunning red ruby, designed and made by hand especially to give away here, courtesy of Penchant Design in Franschhoek! We will contact you via email with more details! Congratulations from all of us!

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