Ten (real) reasons why to come to Franschhoek for a ‘klinking’ good time!

  1. The view (everywhere!) is gorgeous

No matter where you go to in Franschhoek, you are guaranteed of a spectacular view. With vineyard-covered mountain slopes all around even the view from town is pretty astonishing. For the best view in the morning, Mont Rochelle is the place to be for breakfast, while Haute Cabrière boasts panoramic views of the valley for a late afternoon wine tasting. However, nothing comes close to the view over the valley as you travel over the Franschhoek Pass. A sight to behold!

Which Franschhoek view is your favourite?

If you love exploring the Franschhoek Wine Route, please remember to vote for us in this year’s Klink Awards.

  1. Nevermind old cars and clothes – vintage wine tastings are the next best thing!

We all love the nostalgia that goes with a bit of vintage, whether it is a special piece of jewellery passed on for many generations, a previously-loved old car that has been restored to its former glory, or a piece of funky vintage clothing you found in your mother’s attic. But now we have also come to appreciate wineries that offer vintage wine tasting experiences. Recently renovated, the Franschhoek Cellar created a special space in their tasting room, called the Bernard Premium Lounge. A special range of wines have been handcrafted by winemaker Niël Groenewald and pays tribute to Bernard Podlashuk, the pioneer winemaker who established the Bellingham homestead outside Franschhoek in 1943. They have been nominated in the 2015 Klink Awards in the Connoisseur category for best vintage wine tasting experience. 

Have you been to the Bernard Premium Lounge at The Franschhoek Cellar yet? Loved it? Then please vote for them in this year’s Klink Awards.

  1. You can drink and drive (on the Franschhoek wine tram)

The Franschhoek Wine Tram hop-on hop-off tour is one of the best ways to discover Franschhoek’s wineries. Young and old will love travelling through the vineyards on this unique open-side tram and you choose where you want to hop off and back on again!

They have been nominated in the 2015 Klink Awards as “Most unusual attraction along a wine route” in the Wild Card category. If you have travelled on the wine tram and loved it, please support them with your vote!

  1. Here your food travels straight from the garden to your table

Here in Franschhoek most wineries and restaurants are getting back to basics by investing lots of love and hours of devotion in growing their own veggies and fruit in-house. This is super, because we are all benefiting from this by being served the best and most nutritional food directly from their restaurants. For a perfect day out go and take a stroll through the beautiful garden at Babylonstoren or sign up for a guided tour (departing at 10am each morning). Boschendal, recently renovated, has also established a huge veggie garden at their restaurant. When you stay in one of their gorgeous new farm-style cottages you are also welcome to go and pick some veggies for your own use. 

Have you seen the new farm cottages at Boschendal yet? If you think they are pretty awesome, please vote for the Orchard and Werf Cottages at Boschendal in the Country Comfort category.  

  1. You can live like a king, even if only for a weekend

In Franschhoek, we realise that sometimes it is necessary to take that extra-special breakaway from our daily lives. If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury and style in a tranquil and secluded environment you will have to go far to beat the experience you will receive by staying at The Owner’s Cottage at Grande Provence.

So go on and spoil yourself, even for just a night, and overnight in one of Franschhoek’s best exclusive accommodation establishments on a wine farm. And while you are at it, please don’t forget to vote for them in the “Spoil Me” category in the 2015 Klink Awards.  

  1. Here we are taking wine tastings to the next level

Long gone are the days when we had to be satisfied with wine tasting in the traditional sense. These days our wineries are pulling out the stops and wine tastings are being reinvented on a daily basis. Food and wine pairings are one twist that Franschhoek’s wineries are definitely getting right! The Culinaria Food and Wine Pairing by Leopard’s Leap Family Vineyards serves a combination of delicious South African-inspired tasting portions paired with different styles of wine. Each pairing has been carefully and purposefully chosen by Chef Pieter de Jager to make sure that each bite ends up full of surprise and delight.

Have you tasted the Culinaria Food and Wine Pairing by Leopard’s Leap? If you have and loved it, please vote for them in the 2015 Klink Awards in the “Yin & Yang” category. 

  1. Sure I love this MCC, but did you see that outfit?!

These days you can kiss your social life and reputation good bye if you are caught out wearing anything other than black and white at the Franschhoek Cap Classique and Champagne Festival! Celebrating the end of the year and start of the Festive Season this festival is all about tasting some of the best Méthode Cap Classiques from South Africa as well as a sampling of superb champagnes from France, while looking gorgeous at the same time! With a prize awarded awarded to the Best Dressed Couple every day, everyone loves dressing up and strutting their stuff. One of Franschhoek’s most elegant and festive festivals, be sure not to miss it this year’s one, which takes place over the weekend of 5 and 6 December, at the Franschhoek Huguenot Monument.

Please also vote for the Franschhoek Cap Classique & Champagne Festival in the 2015 Klink Awards. The festival has been nominated as the best wine event in the “Crowd Pleaser” category.

  1. Just because you have kids, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun like a real grown-up

Franschhoek’s wineries are making life much easier for parents these days. Long gone are the days when wine tasting centres were out of bounds for children. Making wineries more accessible to families without losing the style and vibe is an art many of our Franschhoek wineries are perfecting nowadays. Sometimes it is just as simple as giving kids a dedicated area to play and laugh while the grown-ups relax with a glass of wine and just being a bit creative with a kiddies menu that will make life so much easier for all. The Franschhoek Cellar and Allèe Bleue, both with dedicated play areas and a children’s menu, now gives parents the option of a great day out and the kids enjoy it just as much!

Remember to vote for The Franschhoek Cellar and Allèe Bleue in the 2015 Klink Awards “Family day out” category.

  1. It is indeed here where food lovers dreams come true

As you drive into and through Franschhoek you will notice that we have no fast food and takeaway food chains. This is not because we are snobs, it is because we believe that all food taste and are much better for you when prepared from scratch and served while sitting down! It also means that you will find something special to eat whether it is from one of our casual restaurants such as Lust at Vrede en Lust or whether you prefer a more refined dining experience which you’ll find at Pierneef à la Motte restaurant or The Restaurant at Grande Provence.

If you have enjoyed your food in Franschhoek, please vote for us in the 2015 Klink Awards and while you are at it, please support Pierneef à la Motte and The Restaurant at Grande Provence in the “Gourmet” category and Lust at Vrede en Lust in the “Beyond expectations” category!

  1. We actually do care about the environment

You are no longer called a tree-hugger if you recycle or a bunny-hugger if you share posts on Facebook about the terrible ordeal of rhinos. Things have changed and we are more serious about the environment. And every now and then we get someone that goes the extra-mile to become leaders in innovation and conservation. Backsberg’s PET-bottled Tread Lightly wines were amongst the very first in South Africa to embody the principles of care and respect for the land and the people who work on it. Backsberg is an accredited Zero Carbon Estate and with the use of renewable energy cooling techniques they have managed to reduce the energy demands of the entire estate.

We agree that the enjoyment of a great bottle of wine should never be at the cost of the environment! If you agree, please support Backsberg by voting for them in the 2015 Klink Awards “Tread Gently” category. 

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