The evolution of Haute Cabrière – A journey celebrating growth and living beautifully

HAUTE CABRIÈRE, with its iconic setting on the scenic Franschhoek Pass, has been woven into the fabric of wine lovers, both locally and abroad.

Today, 25 years since the von Arnim family launched the iconic Haute Cabrière cellar, the winery has transformed into a world-class space for visitors to immerse themselves in the culture established by proprietor Achim von Arnim. The newly renovated space makes Haute Cabrière the ultimate belle femme of the Franschhoek Valley.
The renovation journey was aimed at building on the past 25 years, and setting the scene for the next.

The project has been about honouring the legacy of our heritage; while celebrating the beauty of evolution. Even though the wines and the destination are ever changing, it will never lose its essence,” says Takuan von Arnim, Director of Wine and 2nd generation Cellar Master.

“Every element of the project was ultimately designed to allow and inspire our guests to create and celebrate their own beautiful food and wine experiences,” continues von Arnim.
The architect’s brief was to design a space that would continue to create a stylish and authentically meaningful experience for guests; one that could adapt and cater to a variety of needs, for both local and international visitors. The existing canvas of spectacular views and majestic stone arches ensured that the spirit of ‘living beautifully’ could be executed elegantly.

Says AD Muller, lead architect at A3D: “The whole ambience is lighter. There’s a powerful sense of arrival, while the flow of the property guides guests through the different spaces and offerings. All of this is offset by an exquisite view of the landscape on one side, and the original European-inspired underground stone cellar on the other. A creative approach to décor has brought a fresh feel of modernity and an elegant style.

Christiaan Barnard of Christiaan Barnard Interior and Design says: “We’ve retained the elegance and sophistication, which are synonymous with Haute Cabrière, but the interior design is much more on-trend now. A key aspect was to bring more light into the indoor space. We achieved this with the clever use of lighting and the choices in material and furniture.”

There’s a balance of being chic, yet relaxed; with touches of opulence, whilst maintaining a timeless elegance. My primary focus was to keep the style very understated and accessible so as not to detract from both the natural environment or the experiences guests would have,” explains Barnard.

The most notable change at Haute Cabrière is the outdoor area which has been transformed and encapsulated in glass, with an expansive infinity deck, allowing guests to enjoy the different spaces, all year-round, while guaranteeing a spectacular view.

The destination offering has also evolved from a traditional tasting room and restaurant to a space that allows visitors to tailor their experience, every time.

We have been considering what we can offer to make visitors feel catered for and welcome and how to broaden our appeal” says Nic van Wyk, Haute Cabriére’s Head of Destination.

A strong desire to stay true to Achim von Arnim’s original vision of creating a wine portfolio that is accessible has been mirrored at the tasting room and restaurant by making the offering available for longer and with varying options.

My inspiration has always been classically French, with an appreciation for the South African palate, which is a natural fit for Haute Cabrière,” says van Wyk. “I would describe the food as elegant yet comforting, and the menus offer dishes that would satisfy locals, yet impress international guests with something completely unique.”

Haute Cabrière now offers a food and wine element from breakfast to dinner, and all the in-betweens! The brand-new deli and bakery with freshly baked artisanal fare, fresh produce from the vegetable garden, and condiments from the menu are on offer, enabling guests to take the Haute Cabrière experience home.
Takuan von Arnim concludes that the journey, embarked upon 25 years ago, has really been about bringing to life the vision of creating an occasion for people to enjoy the art of life, in all its different forms.

We’re exceptionally proud of the result and look forward to welcoming our guests.”

Haute Cabrière is situated on the Franschhoek Pass (Lambrechts Road), Franschhoek. Wine tasting is open from Monday to Saturday from 10h00 to 19h30, offering Cellar Tours between 11h00 and 16h00.  Breakfast is available from Monday to Saturday from 08h00 to 11h00; tapas are served between 11h00 and 19h30; the bakery and deli are open from 08h00 to 16h00 and the à la carte menu is available from 12h00 to 19h30. Haute Cabrière is open on Sundays and closes at 15h30. For reservations and enquiries: call 021 876 8500, e-mail or visit
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