The secret is out: Visit De Villiers Chocolate for ice cream of a royal calibre

From its first serve, ice cream has been a much-loved delicacy. One famous legend is of King Charles 1 of England who invited guests to a state feast for which he invented a new dessert. This final course was creamy, sweet and cold and was said to resemble fresh-fallen snow. It was an immediate hit with the diners. King Charles was so enamoured by this concoction that he ordered his cook never to reveal the recipe to this frozen dessert – jealously guarding this magnificent dish to be served at the Royal Table only. Although the cook was paid handsomely for his silence, the secret to something so delicious was impossible not to share…

Today the secret of ice cream is no secret at all: it is readily available from almost everywhere. From gelato to soft serve, sorbet, fat-free and frozen yoghurts, there is no shortage of this delicious comfort treat.

However, not all ice creams are created equal.

Certain confectioners still honour this dessert’s artisanal and exclusive heritage and are dedicated to creating ice cream that conjures up the dessert’s royal standing. 

De Villiers Chocolate Café, situated at Heritage Square on Franschhoek’s Main Road, is a confection shop where sweet treats’ traditional royal standing in society is still reflected. Owned by one of Africa’s first and few bean-to-bar chocolate makers, Pieter de Villiers, De Villiers Chocolate Café not only serves handcrafted chocolate but also offers customers their very own coffee and ice cream.

All delicacies at De Villiers Chocolate Café are made by on-site confectioners who use only authentic ingredients. All products are GMO-free and free from any artificial colourants, flavourings, and stabilisers – which means ice cream lovers can enjoy guilt-free indulgence, from the more than 15 flavours of ice cream and sorbet served here. In keeping with the ‘good for you’ ethos that prevails at De Villiers Chocolate, the wafer cones in which the ice cream is served, is made on site daily and is also gluten-free!

This December, De Villiers Chocolate will be introducing a range of new exciting flavours for the festive summer break, and consumers can look forward to treating themselves to combinations like Mint Chocolate & Macadamia, Chocolate Brownie, Double Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Raspberry Crumble, Salted Caramel and Banoffee.

There you have it. King Charles’ cook couldn’t keep the secret of the best ice cream in town to himself, and neither could we. Visit De Villiers Chocolate Café and choose a cone or a tub and enjoy a signature ice cream or sorbet tasting, and pick any five flavours to enjoy on your own or share with friends.

This hidden gem is located in the best position in Franschhoek: at Heritage Square, off the road, hidden from the wind, amongst beautiful trees and a lawn that stays green all year round ….. you might have to look for it, but it’s a discovery worth making!

De Villers Chocolate Café at Heritage Square, Main Road. Contact 021 874 1060.

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