Win a handmade chocolate Easter bunny from Franschhoek

Legend has it that the Easter bunny will spoil you with some chocolate eggs during Easter IF you were well-behaved this past year!

But we know it is good to let your hair down once in a while,
so decided to give all of you an opportunity to stand a chance of winning
this huge delectable chocolate Easter bunny,
hand-crafted by Huguenot Fine Chocolates,
courtesy of Franschhoek Wine Valley!

Easter bunny

To stand a chance of winning this delightful bunny,
All you have to do is tell us which places in Franschhoek you would visit
if you had the opportunity to spend your holiday in our beautiful area?

Entries close on Wednesday 16 April 2014.
Terms and Conditions:

  • Entries close on Wednesday 16 April 2014 at 12h00. Winners announced at 14h00
  • Entrants should be older than 18 years
  • The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence may be entered into
  • Prizes are not transferable and may not be redeemed for cash
  • Prize will be made available for pick up during the weekend of 26 and 27 April 2014.

48 thoughts on “Win a handmade chocolate Easter bunny from Franschhoek”

  1. I love FOOD, savoury sweet you name it im interested, so i Would love to Have lunch at Reuben’s Franschoek, if i ever find myself in your beautiful area ☺

    • I’d like to start my visit with sundowners at ROCA Restaurant, move on to supper at Le Bon Vivant, spend the night at the delightful Artemis barn cottages, breakfast at Cafe Des Arts, with a leisurely stroll tru the shopping are a and gallries. Lunch at the Salmon Bar, back to my rooms to recover before setting off home. Wake up change my mind and spen another night with breakfast at Gideon’s pancake and lunch at Coshega on the way home!

  2. The Franschhoek Wine Tram tour
    Huguenot Fine Chocolates.( A ½ hour chocolate tour)
    Paradise Stables
    Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve

  3. Since wine, chocolate and jewellery go so alluringly well together, I will visit Penchant Design first for a beautiful enigmatic piece to indulge in. Wearing this piece proudly, I will then proceed onto Rickety Bridge Winery to purchase one of their mouthwatering wines; which I will pair with some heavenly chocolate indulgence from Huguenot Fine Chocolates. To round all this magic off, I will then put together a connoisseur’s picnic with these delights and treat myself and my husband to some joy and beautiful scenery at Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve.

  4. Franschhoek is a beautiful place to be at any time. My all time favourites is Boschendal for Le Pique-Nique, Huguenot Fine Chocolates and Babylorenstoren for the beautiful garden and a superb brunch.

  5. I live in Paarl and still do not often have the opportunity to visit the beautiful little town of Franschhoek. I would love to spend the day in Franchhoek; I’d park my car at the beginning of the town and walk all the way along the main road visiting the little shops and restaurants along the way. I’d go down every alley and explore while all the while glancing up at the magical surroundings of the spectacular mountains – with chocolate in hand of course! 😉

  6. I would definitely like to visit Huguenot fine Chocolates,all the Restaurants and the Wine Farms – out of this world!

  7. I love the serenity and peacefulness that overwhelms you when going to Franschoek.
    My places of interest are:
    The Franschhoek Wine Tram tour, Huguenot Fine Chocolates
    Allée Bleue
    Solms-Delta (glass of Cape Jazz Shiraz)
    The Treatment Room at Le Quartier Francais

  8. I always like to try somewhere new, but my best experiences have been, Colmant for bubbles, Chamonix for wine and Reubens for food!

  9. Start on my way in with a visit to the babylonstoren gardens… absolutely STUNNING
    Visit the wine farms on the wine tram, stopping particularly at bridge as that is my favourite!
    Bread making course or one of hte other courses with the chef from the Tasting Room
    Walking through the beautiful streets of Franschoek main road, lunch in one of the best like Reubens.. yumm!
    Stay at La Residence, absolutely beautiful hotel…

  10. Im a big fan of Reuben’s and will love to have lunch in his restaurant then and after that will go on a wine tour to all the wine tasting places in Franschhoek

  11. I would love to go on the Wine Tram, lunch at Allora – fantastic menu!, but then would visit the lesser known places, afternoon tea at Cafe Bon Bon, visit the smaller Wine Estates like Stony Brook, My Wyn, and end up at Haute Cabriere for the sunset and fantastic meal!

  12. Whenever i get the chance to spend time in franschhoek there is always an abundance of things to do.
    Start off with a beautiful Mountain Biking every morning over the mountains and streams (has to be done every time)
    Stroll the streets with all the beautiful shops to add items to my home.
    I have always wanted to do the grape squashing day and make my own wine.
    Have a bottle of Graham Beck Brut Rose at Maison or La Petit Femme.
    I have never had the chance to go to the Franschhoek Motor Museum, that would be an amazing treat.
    So much to do!!

  13. Loved exploring the website and have never had the chance to visit Franschoek. On my list would be Allee Bleue Estate, La Motte Food and Wine Tasting. Would stay at Franschoek Country House and Villas, hike at Mount Rochelle Nature Reserve and do some wine tasting at Cape Winelands Riding. This of course would be ended off with some serious shopping and indulging at Huguenot Fine Chocolates.

  14. I would visit Chamonix, Boekenhoutskloof, and La Motte for some wine tasting followed by lunch at Babel in Babylonstoren. A walk round their breathtaking gardens would settle lunch before checking in to Holden Manz or Lermitage. Dinner that evening would be at Dieu Donne’s stunning restaurant Roca, with pre drinks to be able to take in the gorgeous views before sunset. Think I’d need to start at 9am to fit it all in, but couldn’t think of a more perfect day!

  15. Huguenot Fine Chocolates, the Wine Tram, then egte regte Kaapse kos en wyn @ Solms Delta, finishing off at L’Alee Bleu. An amazing Franchhoek day trip experience. So much to do in Franchhoek, so little time!!

  16. I would definately select Franschhoek Villas as an ideal romantic get-away. The villas, just outside the town of Franschoek, have an authentic windy-cobble-stone ambiance, with french decor and stunning views of the mountains and the lake. Very pictureque and secluded. Just what you need to get away from the noise of city life.
    Breakfast would have to be … I think I’ll keep that little gem a secret a little longer!

  17. I would start off my day with a tour of Huguenot fine Chocolates, then head on over to Rubens for a light lunch. The afternoon would be spent having fun on the tram visiting the different wine farms and tasting their wines. In the evening we would go an a gastronomical journey to the tasting Room and then we would take in a movie at the Screening Room at Le Quartier Francais …. now that’s what I would call a day of Franschoek delight and decadence

  18. I came to settle in South Africa 3 years ago. I am 58 years old and have done a fair share of travelling the world. To get my ‘juices’ going I seek the unusual, the unique, life in the slow lane, where one can enjoy life for what it is: to enjoy the taste of a good wine, a bite of sculptured food by an artist in the culinary arts, a nibble of an exquisite chocolate, a stay where privacy, peace and tranquillity, atmosphere reign supreme.
    I would therefore visit the Franschhoek’s famous wine estates culminating at my favourite Rickety Bridge. I should like to do the travelling on a bicycle to enjoy the ambiance of the village and it’s surrounds. Reubens for a meal is a must. Being an avid people watcher a long, lazy afternoon of indulging in this pastime in a side-walk cafe would be a major plus. Of course a visit to Franschhoek would not be complete without making a pilgrimage to Huguenot Fine Chocolate: from there I would take a select selection back to the Akademie Street Hotel to enjoy in luxurious decadence – as hand-crafted masterpieces should be – whilst thinking back on a day spent doing exactly what I wanted to do: living life to the full!

  19. The wine tram is a must. Lunch at Leopards Leap, walking down the main road, popping in at all the little shops, having a glass of bubbly at the Salmon bar, tasting some chocolate at Huguenot Fine Chocolates and buying some as gifts, sitting under the trees at the Saturday market, having some ice cold beer…. too many things to mention! What a great gem Franschhoek is indeed!

  20. I’d stop at Cosecha (Noble Hill) for delectable guacamole made at my table with a zing of citrus. Then head to offload my things at one of the Bo La Motte cottages – preferably Oak, Pear or the Annex. Wander down to drool over jewellery and fine things at African Touch. Walk around the corner to Le Bon Vivant – order the chef’s surprise trusting that in the dessert surprise platter somehow there would be a small note that invites me to head over to Huguenot Fine Chocolates to collect the Easter Bunny I’d won. Then I’d find a public spot somewhere – perhaps near the Salmon Bar walk through – and enjoy offering every passerby the opportunity to select a chocolate morsel to share in my good fortune.

  21. Franschhoek Wine Tram
    Allee Bleue and
    Huguenot Fine Chocolates of course – yum, yum, yum!

  22. I love The Tasting Room at Le Quartier – its a must do once a year thing for me. I love La Residence, and I could quite easily be locked in the cellar at La Cotte….

  23. I’d loooooooooooooooooooove to go to Franschoek tram. They visit all the wine farms, hop on hop off and to finish it all with a dinner. Ah bliss.

  24. As I am the biggest chocoholic I would definitely spend my time at Huguenot fine chocolates. Chocolate is not the only thing I love, I enjoy good food, good wine and good company so I would also spend time at La Petite Ferme.

  25. Oh la la! That is a bunny from my dreams!
    I have been to Franschhoek before and would definitely be back for:
    The Pancakes – at The Famous Franschhoek Pancake House
    The Gifts – at the place with the large bear outside (help me out with the name?)
    The Exercise – with the cycling tours that slip in some wine tasting.
    A little bit of chocolate in my life – from Huguenot Fine Chocolates, maybe a tour as well!?
    The Church – beautiful and quite to visit while everyone else is going about their day.
    Please give me an excuse to come out and visit your wonderful place.

  26. I would love to stay at Le Quartier France. I love the setting, interior, art and it is so close to all the great eateries. Will have to visit almost each and every restaurant in the main road. A dream come true……

  27. How do you choose what to do in Franschoek??? You just try to do as much as possible in your time there. And if that’s not enough, you go back – again and again and again!!!

  28. ‎I’d for sure visit the following places in Franshhoek:

    Then ‎BABYLONSTOREN‎ to purchase goodies from the Farm Shop to take back to Jozi.
    I’ll stop at ‎CAFÉ BONBON for some olives, preserves and bread and for some cheese I’ll pop in at ‎COTAGE FROMAGE‎.
    To do a Historic walk and purchase some wine I’ll stop at LA MOTTE!‎

    DUTCH EAST will see me for a cuppa!‎
    The SALMONBAR is a must! Who doesn’t love salmon and cream cheese? 
    For a SPA visit I’ll definitely stop at LE FRANSCHHOEK HOTEL & SPA!
    I’ll check out THE WINE TRAM and also ‎DAVID WALTERS at the CERAMICS GALLERY.
    ‎There will be very little time for sleep when visiting Franschhoek! ‎


    Karin Swanepoel

  29. Oh so many places… Reubens, The Hugenot Monument, La Motte, Huguenot Fine Chocolates, The tasting room… the list goes on & on

  30. We are so happy to be returning for a visit to our stunning “home from home” in Franschhoek this Easter, and our perfect day would be as follows:
    Breakfast at the Salmon Bar – to include a glass of bubbles of course!
    A short drive to Pink Geranium would be next, to buy some native plants for my garden
    Lunch at Bread & Wine – or Le Bon Vivant
    Followed by a lovely stroll from one end of the village to the other – to walk off our delicious lunch (taking in the beautiful Huguenot Monument and stunning mountain vistas)… I would have to make a stop at Penchant Design to view their latest creations, and then indulge in some handcrafted Huguenot Fine Chocolates for some yummy Easter treats!
    Early evening would be a good time to take a drive to Chamonix for sundowners with a view!
    Dinner would be at Reubens of course!
    Over night we will be staying at our wonderful, relaxing “home from home” in the village – Nooks Pied-a-terre, Haumann Street.
    Can’t wait!

  31. For a holiday in Franschhoek, we would try Holden Manz – that looks like an excellent choice – up in the mountains a bit for some peace, tranquility and the spa.
    Their Franschhoek Kitchen looks great for us foodies.
    Taking an outig from there, we would certainly go to Huguenot Fine Chocolates for a packet of goodies as well as do some wine-tasting, making sure to stop at Colmant for some Cap Classique.

  32. The Wellness Centre namely Camelot Spa at Le Franschhoek Hotel will be my first stop for some relaxing moments. Then onwards to Boschendal to have a picnic. Visit my favourite vineyards and do some serious wine tastings at Boschendal, Franschhoek Cellars, Haute Cabriere, La Motte and Anthonij Ruper Wines (LÓrmarins), done on horseback and then frequent my all time favourite to purchase uplifting Huguenot Fine Chocolates

  33. Fresh air, outdoors, delicious food, awesome wine, siesta, fresh air, delicious food, awesome wine, perfect day and evenings! Biodiversity walk at Haut Espoir (and good wine!); Cycle in village; Wine tasting on horseback (Paradise stables – wine: Rickety Bridge; Mont Rochelle 🙂 )…Holden Manz picnic; Siesta at ‘Sep se Plek’; A HAVE to Bread & Wine @ Moreson; dinner uhmmmmm – choices: Allora; Backsberg (with some good music…); and and and….. peaceful dreams …fresh air, crickets, frog’s choir…… HAPPY PeACEFUL LOveD

  34. Would love to visit the chocolate shop and see how they make their chocolate and do a tasting, visit Solms-Delta restaurant, sundowner concert at Haute Cabriere, then music and a bit of dancing and snacks at La Petite Ferme.

  35. Lekkerwijn Country House is also a special place I would love to visit, relax and enjoy

  36. I would love to stay over at L’Ermitage and after their scrumptious buffet breakfast walk into town and visit all the little shops and the local market after which I will do the wine tram, grab lunch at Dieu Donne and end off with a deliciously romantic evening at Reuben’s with some amazing Franschhoek wines.

  37. La Petite Ferme
    Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve
    Fairview Winery and Cheese
    “Chocolate Experience” at Huguenot Fine Chocolates

  38. I would start at Huguenot Fine Chocolates – pure chocolate heaven! then on to Cape Winelands Riding to work off all the chocolate samples eaten, we would then book into Lekkerwijn Country House, rest next day breakfast at home then a trip to the Huguenot Memorial Museum then lunch at Col’Cacchio Pizzeria after lunch we will indulge dad and take him to the Motor Museum, we return back home and leave the kids in the care of excellent baby sitters and mom and dad will have dinner at Val de Vie.Next day kids chose.

  39. I had the opportunity to visit and stay a night in Franschhoek in February – it was absolute bliss. Just walking around and taking in the old village charm around me was so relaxing. Lunch at Dutch East was one of the best meals I have ever had – I finished everything on my plate…and then the dessert – the best! Of course I had to pay a visit to Huguenot Fine Chocolates, which didn’t disappoint 😉

  40. I will visit Franschhoek Live Craft Centre for an arty experience, then Huguenot Fine Chocolates to indulge my creative mood, then Tsonga for some great leather shoes to carry me on the rest of my exploration love affair with Franschhoek!

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