Picking and pressing flowers Workshop at Babylonstoren

  • R700 p.p.
  • 24 March 2021, 10:00 – 15:00
  • Presented by Liesl van der Walt & Gundula Deutschländer
  • Please meet us at the Farm Shop

Only 15 places available

Remember plucking dainty blooms in the garden as a child, then carefully placing them between sheets of newspaper and piles of the heftiest books you could find? Flower-pressing is back in a big way, and we love the practice for its calming effect and aesthetic appeal. Botanists also rely on pressed plants for identification and to fill their herbariums with dried specimens as plant libraries. Join Liesl van der Walt, our head gardener, and Gundula Deutschländer, our healing herb expert, as they guide you through the garden to pick, identify and fill your press with your own botanical collection.

Lunch at the Greenhouse Restaurant is included.