What is Hoekcoin?

The Franschhoek community has raised funds to support local businesses with the campaign. Participating businesses can reward their customers for their support by giving them R200 Hoekcoin in return for spending R400 or more with the SnapScan app. No, Hoekcoin is not a new cryptocurrency; it’s a rewards program to help boost local tourism in the Franschhoek valley. Visitors can only spend these rewards at other participating businesses, which means all the Hoekcoin earned during the campaign is distributed back into the local economy. Hoekcoin retains its rand value for the campaign period, and unspent rewards will expire at the campaign’s end. The only way to mine Hoekcoin is to visit the Franschhoek valley, support local businesses, and share the !

How It Works

1 Spend R400 or more with your SnapScan app* at participating businesses.

Earn Hoekcoin

2 You’ll instantly receive R200 Hoekcoin.

3 Spend your Hoekcoin at a participating business before 28 February 2022.

* Hoekcoin will only be earned when you pay using the bank card you loaded onto your app

Spend your Hoekcoin

1 Scan the code to pay with SnapScan at participating businesses.

2 Your Hoekcoin can be used as your payment method.*

3 If your bill exceeds the amount of Hoekcoin you have, the remaining amount can be paid using the bank card loaded in the app.

* For the best experience, make sure your app is up to date.

Where to earn and spend

Any customers spending R400 or more at a participating business during the campaign period using their bank card via the SnapScan app (excluding split payments), will be issued Hoekcoin rewards to the value of R200.

When redeeming the reward at a participating business, if the bill is more than the value of the reward, the difference can be paid through a split payment SnapScan transaction. Customers will be able to use both their card and reward together to make one simple payment. However, this payment will not earn an additional reward.

Participating merchants will see split payments as a single transaction for the full amount.

participating merchants

User rewards terms of use

The terms and conditions stated below do not replace or override the Terms and Conditions relating to the use of the SnapScan User Application. All terms and conditions within the SnapScan User App Terms and Conditions remain in full force and effect with the addition of the below-mentioned terms and conditions applicable to the Franschhoek Wine Valley Tourism campaign only.

Please refer to the User Application Terms and Conditions, as well as the Wallet Addendum. In instances where the terms below conflict with the SnapScan User Application Terms and Conditions, the SnapScan User Application Terms and Conditions will apply.

View T&C

  • Terra del Capo Antipasto Bar @ Anthonij Rupert Wines
  • Haute Cabrière Cellar Restaurant
  • Holden Manz Wine Estate – Restaurant
  • Le Bon Vivant
  • Le Petit Manoir – Restaurant
  • Mont Rochelle Hotel – Miko at Mont Rochelle
  • Mont Rochelle Hotel – Country Kitchen
  • Ōku Asian Eatery
  • Rupert & Rothschild Tasting Centre
  • Terbodore Café
  • Franschhoek Beer & Co.
  • Rickety Bridge Restaurant – Paulina’s Restaurant
  • La Petite Colombe
  • Le Coin Francais
  • Franschhoek Cellar
  • Old Road Wine & Co.
  • Boschendal – Picnic at Boschendal
  • Boschendal – The Werf Restaurant
  • Boschendal Farm Shop & Deli
  • Boschendal Shop
  • Arkeste Restaurant
  • Essence Restaurant
  • La Residence
  • Tuk Tuk Microbrewery
  • Bovine Restaurant
  • Grande Provence Estate – The Bistro
  • Grande Provence Estate – The Restaurant
  • French Connection Bistro
  • Protégé Restaurant
  • Epice Restaurant
  • Glenwood Gourmet Sushi Restaurant
  • Tapasco
  • La Cotte Farm
  • Allora Franschhoek
  • Café Allée Bleue
  • Fromages de France & La Cotte Inn Wine Sales
  • Café Franschhoek
  • Yama Sushi Emporium
  • Lets Frite
  • Reuben’s Restaurant and Bar
  • Reuben’s & Co Café Val de Vie
  • Chefs Warehouse at Maison
  • Good Food & Co.